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Turning Conflict Into Collaboration

Self-awareness and speech are the two characteristics that make us human—and supposedly, superior to other species. Ironically, these same traits often cause human beings to destroy each other. Most fights—from family feuds to full-blown wars—are set in motion by individuals whose human gifts of self-awareness and speech had morphed, respectively, into power-hungry ego and shameless manipulation.

“Conflict is a growth industry,” wrote Roger Fisher in “Beyond Machiavelli,” a book about international strife and peace negotiations. While Professor Fisher’s observation seems especially prophetic in light of current events, more and more people around the world are working hard to reverse that trend.

PeaceTalk™ is my small contribution to that work.
This practical system is based upon the premise that:
1) Conflict is part of life and while it cannot be avoided, there are safe ways to confront and defuse it.
2) With the appropriate communication skills, conflicts can be turned into learning opportunities and antagonists into collaborators. 


Boss from Hell? >>>Reach for the PeaceTalk™ Rescue!
Unpleasant Co-Workers ? >>>Build Team Spirit with PeaceTalk™ Skills.
Toxic Work Environment—i.e., Politics, Harassment, Discrimination? >>>Use PeaceTalk™ CONFLICT RESOLUTION Skills to Empower Yourself, Protect Your Career and to Gradually Transform Interpersonal Dynamics.
Toxic Corporate Culture? >>> Navigate Safely and Successfully with PeaceTalk™ Communication Skills.

PeaceTalk™ is a system of highly effective, empowering and easy to use communication skills. Practiced correctly and with consistency, its simple techniques
• defuse conflicts and stressful situations;
• help resolve disputes quickly and provide win-win results;
• build cooperation and teamwork;
• lead to harmonious personal relationships;
• save time by eliminating sabotage, manipulation, misunderstandings, and other miscommunication; and
• prevent stress-related illness.

PeaceTalk™ programs have helped
… corporations to improve productivity and time-management;
… public schools to prevent violence, as well as to improve the effectiveness of teachers, counselors and principals;
… Universities to bring a needed dimension to such graduate programs as International Relations, Business, Psychology and Sociology;
… family businesses to improve their bottom lines through the separation of personal and workplace issues;
… nonprofit organizations to develop meaningful goals and improve their fundraising capabilities;
… convention groups to increase attendance at breakout sessions and spouse programs, by presenting useful information in an entertaining format.

Improving Personal Relationships:

Critical Parents?.…..PeaceTalk™ INTERGENERATIONAL skills remove the sting.

Difficult Kids…….PeaceTalk™ PARENTING tools (re)build mutual respect, trust, self-control and collaboration.

Couples at Odds? …PeaceTalk™ FOR LOVERS leads to harmonious relationships.

PeaceTalk Programs: One Size Does NOT Fit All

PeaceTalk™ programs are custom-designed to provide the maximum benefits for each client—such as solving problems, drawing up blueprints for desired changes, and finding the most efficient ways to achieve goals.
PeaceTalk™ programs are presented in various formats—such as:
• Workshops & Seminars
• “Train the Trainer” Courses
• One-on-One Consultation (by e-mail, phone or in person).

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