What Is Peacetalk™?

PeaceTalk™ is an innovative system of interpersonal communication and win-win conflict resolution. PeaceTalk™ skills are easy to learn, and those who practice them consistently discover marked improvements in their

• business and personal relationships
• self-esteem and self-confidence
• parenting skills
• career development
• productivity
• team building
• ability to understand and relate to diversity
• ability to reduce and manage stress
• community relations

PeaceTalk™ skills help you turn
• conflicts into agreements
• antagonists into friends
• difficult bosses and co-workers into friendly, helpful colleagues
• spouses/ partners into soul mates
• parents and children into loving, respectful and supportive families

If you want to
• build harmonious and lasting relationships
• enhance your career
• improve your parenting skills
• increase the productivity of your work environment
• create a collaborative atmosphere among your co-workers
• find more enjoyment in the company of your friends and family
• expand your understanding of people and cultural differences
• be an asset to your community

…..find out about easy-to-learn PeaceTalk™ communication skills.

“Conflict is a natural manifestation of individuality and free will. It is an instrument of learning, empowerment and improved relationships—but only when the conflict is resolved with creative communication skills and respect for each participant’s needs.

“But whenever conflict—be it interpersonal or international—is allowed to fester unresolved for too long, it inevitably deteriorates into war and mutual destruction.”

Dina Eliash Robinson
Developer of PeaceTalk™

“In war there are no winners… In peace, there are no losers.” – Yitzhak Rabin/ 1922-1995/ Prime Minister of Israel

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